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What Your Quarantine Outfit Says About You

Like a horoscope but shitter.

What do you wear for breakfast (if you're up):

A) Pyjamas

B) A light face of makeup and some jeans

C) The same trackies you've worn for 24 days

D) Full PPE

What do you wear for lunch (if you're up):

A) Jeans, nice top

B) Tear-stained leavers hoodie

C) Sports bra for post-meal work out

D) Asthleisurewear

What do you wear for dinner (if you're up):

A) Full glam

B) PJs, locked and loaded for eight hours of crying into your pillow

C) The shame of having been on TikTok all afternoon

D) Joni jeans, vans, something else completely grim

If you answered A, B, C or D to any of the above, your quarantine outfit says:

You're a depressed fat lonely bitch :)

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