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We Are Living Through A GCSE History Question

We really are living in the strangest and most uncertain times aren’t we… just think about it– our kids and grandkids will study this in their GCSE History lessons. It is not just that they will be studying the past in history. GCSE History in the 2040s might as well be renamed GCSE Coronavirus! It is quite different to the history we learned about isn’t it!

It’s insane to think that Brexit/Trump/populism and the environment used to be the talk of the town. Like, did you even apply for politics at uni between 2016 and 2019 if either of those themes didn’t feature in your personal statement? We were so innocent then, thinking our children would be writing about Remoaners and Extinction Rebellion in their exams. Everyone used to think it was so original to say that those events would form crucial parts of the school curriculum. But let’s face it–coronavirus is just so much bigger. Farage and Thunberg are essentially nobodies when you look at Chris Whitty. Crazy times that we’re living through, for sure.

I thought about this when I woke up today– like my offspring will come and ask me about what corona was like, gathering round earnestly listening to my stories. Just like we allegedly did with our grandparents about WW2! By then we’ll definitely have better stories than ‘longest I went without changing out of pyjamas in my life’. We will be able to cite endless memes, which they will hilariously be studying in their source questions. We all probably thought they would be looking at boring propaganda posters like we did. But think about it– it would make sense for them to examine memes, wouldn’t it?! I know it’s mad to think about. And when our kids are complaining about their cushy lives? Just remind them that we lived through a pandemic so they can put up and shut up! Lol! 

By Ticiana Alencar

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