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Trump banned from Pinterest for fascist mood board

Following suit after Twitter banned the incumbent Donald Trump from its social platform after he incited domestic terrorism, riots and the storming of the Capitol, Pinterest had decided to remove Trump after monitoring his activity on the app.

Software Engineers at Pinterest have managed to hack his private account, revealing that Trump has been curating an (admittedly stylish) fascist mood-board.

All-white in colour palette, Trump's board features a selection of pins including GIFs of Mussolini, Hitler imagery and outfit ideas from Pol Pot. Trump has re-pinned anti-BLM slogans, alongside calligraphic Biden death threats and MAGA haikus.

Pinterest tells Quaranzine that Trump's private pinboard featured the hashtags #inspirational, #vibes and #bringbackhatecrimes.

He had also pinned an array of white hoods, pitch forks and tear gas. In his recent searches was Vladimir Putin's account, which Trump is reportedly in competition with, due to its high follower count.

Informants from the White House claim to have heard Trump ask Melania if 'she has games on her phone' in a desperate bid to fill his free time, now that every media platform of note has suspended his accounts.

Even Spotify has banned Trump, with his highly followed playlist 'Lofi beats to grab pussy to' being removed from the platform.

By Sophie Peachey

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