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Stop cutting and dying your hair, says the GC

In a time of such turmoil, it is important that we listen to the knowledgeable professionals in the UK. Who better to listen to than the queen of Essex herself, Miss Gemma Collins.

When it comes to hair, the GC knows her stuff. She is urging people to stop cutting themselves bangs or bleaching their hair, because this is going to ruin it!!! She has admitted herself that her hair is “fucking frazzled” because all the salons are closed. But remembered, “straighteners are what fucking weirdos use on their hair.”

She says it is so important for everyone to get outside and get some fresh air, especially for the GC as she is “claustrophobic Darren.” In a time when we can’t pop to boots for a top up of our Saint Tropez or Bondi Sands, looks like we have to turn to the good old vitamin D provider.

Gemma also reminds us all that you should not text your ex. Under no circumstances. Remember that they “ain’t never gonna get this candy”. Instead, put some makeup on and a bomb outfit, and go take some selfies! Remind everyone.

This is also the best time to start reading. Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction person, the GC always counts on the dictionary; “I’m a huge fan of the dictionary”. In times of need, we can always count on it to provide some entertaining definitions; look up the definition of Essex girl!

By Kirsty McCulloch

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