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Pedos, perverts and Portuguese holidaymakers - 10 years in the clink

Today's announcement forecasts a newly-bronzed demographic, fresh off of an easy-jet flight, set to join pedos and perverts alike in Britain's clinks.

Grant Shapps, The Transport Secretary, has defended his controversial introduction of 10-year jail sentences for those lying about travelling into the UK from “red-list” countries.

Not only do those entering the UK from "red-list" countries have to cough up an eye-watering £1750 for an all-inclusive isolation and depression hotel package, but anyone lying about their travel details at the border will now face the prospect of a 10-year jail sentence.

Whilst the call for a significant penalty for those lying on their Passenger Locator Form has been hailed as just by many concerned over the importation of new Covid-19 variants from overseas, many have labelled the Shapp's draconian punishment as 'disproportionate'.

Conflating a lie about a holiday to Portugal with murder attempts, sexual offences involving minors and violent offences with a firearm (all which receive less jail time) is another ridiculous move from the British government that has rolled the publics' eyes back permanently into their collective cranium.

Grant Shapps has defended these measures, calling them “appropriate” at this stage in the pandemic. He warns it would be an unnecessary risk to allow the success of the vaccine rollout to be undone by imported variants.

By Sophie Peachey

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