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"Orange Lives Matter Too" Declares Trump

Outraged by the amount of media attention and global support the BLM movement has been getting recently, Trump just launched his very own #OrangeLivesMatter' campaign. The US president complains that he has been feeling 'left out' and argues that in their rush to advocate for justice, people are neglecting the feelings of the 'orange' community who have put so much effort into their tangerine hued self tan. 

Stances against the Black Lives Matter movement argue that it's very difficult for highly egotistical, privileged people to step back from the spotlight and allow other voices to be heard. 'Orange people have feelings too' Trump claims, 'and they're used to having their feelings heard, validated and cared for… why should anyone else have that right??' Clearly, this is the real minority group- comprised of one person - Mr Donald Trump, often disfavoured unjustly for his misogyny, racism, homophobia, anti-environmentalist and anti-immigration politics. A case and point example of orange discrimination is the way in which no one listened to Trump, the orange minorities advocate, when he had the ingenious idea of fighting COVID-19 by injecting hand sanitizer straight into the blood stream. Trump's scientific revelation was met by silence and disbelief by the American medical body, an obvious example of the way in which POOC (People of Orange Colour) are consistently undermined in the workplace. 

In an international address , Trump urges the world to forget about its bloody, imperialist history and rather, revel in the artistry of his self-made skin colour. The lobster red undertones of his cheeks don't deserve to be overlooked, especially when they blend so well with his spray-on to create the unique sallied, orange flesh featured below.  

Please take a minute to sign the petition #OrangeLivesMatter and promote global equality and justice. 

By Chiara Maurino

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