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Only 90's Kids Will Remember: Who's Wuhan and What Is She Doing Now?

With Kent now dominating the world stage thanks to a new deadly variant, very few will still remember the neglected star of the show, Wuhan. The original trend-setter has fallen off the radar as the pandemic has ravaged the globe, but Quaranzine hasn't forgotten about the OG.

We reached out to Wuhan to find out what she's up to now.

"Fame arrived as quickly as it left. I was learning to adjust to my new life in the limelight, and then suddenly it's all about Italy, and then about the UK. I just feel like Boris has really pushed me into obscurity.

"My case count is such a joke in comparison to his, let alone my death rate. The UK is such a show off. Their new variant is so attention seeking."

Following the reveal of the UK as having the highest death rate in the world, Wuhan tweeted;

"Might just fuck about and open China's borders and see what happens."

"I've had no cases since March and it's so boring. All we do all day is socialise and party and go to work and get on with life and experience true intimacy and happiness. It's quite dry."

"I miss the drama of state mandated lockdowns and economic ruin."

By Sophie Peachey

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