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How To Stop Thinking About Connell (And His Chain) From Normal People

Having watched every programme Netflix has to offer, I found myself having to look to the relic that is BBC iPlayer. I stumbled across the adaption of Sally Rooney’s Normal People, and having binge watched all 12 episodes in one evening, all I can say is Oh My God, Connell is so hot. Not just hot, he is the full package; sexy, hot, and sensitive. It probably doesn’t help that lockdown is making me horny, but Paul Mescal is the new love of my life. The show has VERY explicit sex scenes, which I found myself having to turn away from at times, but they show Mescal in all the best angles; including his chain necklace...

So, here are a few ways to distract yourself if you find the show a bit hot under the collar.

First, go speak to a family member. There is nothing better than talking politics or religion with your mum and dad to turn you off. It will undoubtedly distract you as no one wants to think of sex whilst in the company of one’s parents.

Secondly, watch the news or the daily press briefings. As much we all love Boris right now, I can’t help but say he does the job of taking my mind off sex; that ruffled blonde hair does NOTHING for me.

Thirdly, do a jigsaw. It is single handily the most boring isolation activity out there and it will certainly remove any sexual urges; you will feel like an old woman if anything.

However, if you are like myself and refuse to stop lusting over Mescal, his Instagram is @paul.mescal – enjoy a stalk xx

By Kirsty McCulloch

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