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FUN and SAFE activities that have DEFINITELY NOT been recommended to you already

I hope this article finds you well in these uncertain and strange times!!! Here are some recommendations you definitely asked for to keep you entertained during quarantine!!!

1) Let’s start with a ground-breaking one– Netflix!!! You have no idea whether we have similar tastes at all in TV but here are some of MY FAVOURITE things to watch, which are an ABSOLUTE MUST.

- Something literally everyone watched years ago like Breaking Bad– omg it is so good.

- I really really think you should watch a really wet and frankly shit film like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. SUCH a feel-good!

- A random documentary to make me look intellectual. Very interesting.

2) FaceTime everyone you know– the older, the better! Such a good thing to do. Ask someone what Zoom is and why people your age aren’t using it. Download House Party so that you can keep in touch with all of your friends you message anyway, as well as everyone from school you lost touch with on purpose! Also great because it can keep your Instagram popping– just screenshot of your virtual pub trip for your story with a witty caption like ‘Social distancing won’t stop us!!!’

3) You should definitely try reading!! Have you heard that now is a great time to read War and Peace? Lol!!! No, but seriously, time to ask everyone for book recommendations, buy a stack off Amazon Prime which will take a week to arrive, and then still never read any of them.

4) Podcasts. I’ve never listened to one, but other people seem to be doing it so probably a good idea to pretend like you do.

5) Three months is definitely enough time to learn a language!!! I have been trying to brush off my GCSE français. Duolingo is such a great way to make real progress so that you can actually use it when you voyager cet été.

6) Keep active!!! Did you not set up a home gym like literally anyone who was paying attention to the news two weeks ago? Tough. I guess you can still take that one government-allowed walk of the day and then post about it on social media, calling it ‘exercise’.

7) Remember to keep a routine!!! It helps!! It really does!! Everyone is saying so!!

I am sure you will all do all of the above! You’re so welcome for all of my totally-called-for tips! Stay healthy xoxo

By Ticiana Alencar

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