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China’s Neighbours Ask: U Ok Bro?

Japan is leading the tide of countries telling China to leave Hong-Kong alone. According to Japan “There’s serious talk about getting a restraining order, ever since they started having relationship issues China has gone a bit crazy.”

The countries have had a rocky relationship with the most notable occurrence being last year when China got way too clingy and controlling. Since saying it just needs space Hong-Kong has realised that, like many lads after a breakup, China just can’t seem to let go.

This has led to an escalation in attempts to win Hong-Kong back with the most recent attempt causing concerned citizens around the island lighting up their phones to form a security light in the hopes of getting China out of the bushes in their garden.

This has had the impact of making the country wonder what they ever saw in China anyway. “I think it was the idea of power, it was just so big and powerful and we were vulnerable after our previous relationship.”

Numerous countries around the world have chimed in to the relationship, with Russia stating “Look it’s just a big misunderstanding. Hong-Kong wants to be with China really, it’s just playing hard to get.”

Conversely the offers of the UK to make Hong-Kong a cup of tea and offer them a place to stay have been met with criticism from many others, as they see it as ‘white-knighting’ their ex.

Overall the sentiment that Hong-Kong “Just wants to be left alone.” Is a sentiment many around the world can empathise with.

By Louise Deal

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