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BBC Plans to head off culture war, new content leaked

Accusations of Left-wing bias are nothing new to the BBC, but in a move that some will see as a tactic to appease Conservative ministers and avoid the coming culture war, leaked suggestions for new content from the BBC programming department have appeared online.

Thought to appeal to older, more right wing viewers, the list of new content is below;

Telling it like it is - Right wing speakers to deliver monologues on immigration, economics, and the benefits culture. Audience present (compliant) but no questions. Can we get Farage?

I, Humphrey Jenkins - Feature length drama (Lozza Fox?). 35 year old’s race driving career is cut short after injury. Inherits millionaire father’s letting business, struggles to evict tenants in pandemic . One particularly troublesome family but falls in love with the single mother so abandons eviction efforts. Finds out they are illegal immigrants and they get deported instead. Replacement family are white, patriotic red wallers. Need to build on this?

Britain's top 10 - Series. Tanks, missiles, most expensive houses, totty (?), slavers, combat planes, right wing sportsmen. Ian Botham to present?

Ian, Mike and Tony - A fly on the wall documentary series. 3 older buy to let landlords travel Europe getting up to all kinds of right of centre antics.1990’s German Panzer jokes abound, funny foreign accent impersonations, culminates in an emotional dressing down of refugees in Greece "cowards go back and fight!!!".

Britain, we love you - daily bitesize. Mainly Indians thanking us for the railways. Do we know the daily rate in Delhi? The BBC has been approached for comment.

By Andrew Tedman

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