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Are you the Georgia Nicholson of your friendship group?

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging is THE quintessential British coming-of-age movie. It has everything you could need; and by everything, I mean it has Tom and Robbie. But I can’t be the only person who’s re-watched the movie in their older years and hated Georgia. She makes me physically cringe on multiple occasions and don’t even get me started on her self-absorbed mentality. Her outfits, although being VERY 2008, are questionable and her weird obsession with a boy 3 years older than her makes me question her mental stability.

It is clear that she is a particular type of friend, one that you probably don’t want to be, so here are a few ways to spot if you are the Georgia Nicholson of your friendship group.

Let’s start with an easy one; You go above and beyond for fancy dress. How can we forget the iconic cinematic moment of Georgia running through the streets of Eastbourne dressed as an olive. Yes, her friends were terrible for not telling her they had changed their minds, but equally who would turn up to a Year 10 party dressed as hors-d'œuvres?

You most likely kept a diary when you were younger, filled it with gossip and always began ‘Dear Diary’; She clearly needs somewhere to write “Georgia and Robbie 4eva”. That poor diary having to hear her rant about Jas being happy and in a loving relationship; if you do this please take a look in the mirror.

You have no morals and think letting a boy cheat for you is okay; I think we have all forgotten that Robbie cheats on Linsey with Georgia in the local swimming pool. I mean how romantic? Wrong. It’s cheating, which adds more questionable decisions to Georgia’s repertoire.

You had your first kiss with a strange boy just for the sake of it; Now I know this will apply to most of us; V Fest boy if you are out there, hit me up. But Georgia is the Queen of throwing away a first kiss. She goes for “snogging lessons” with the lovely Peter Dyer and subjects the audience to a HORRIBLE view of the pairs conjoined saliva. Please bear in mind she probably could have had a nice first kiss at that party if she hadn’t turned up AS AN OLIVE.

You have stalked every boy in the year above you on social media; Although Georgia bags a 17-year-old in the end, this can’t have been her first attempt at getting an older boyfriend. My analysis is therefore that she will have stalked the social medias of every older boy in her town, liked an old Instagram post to get their attention, and direct messaged them about their family holiday to Crete in 2015. It must be noted that I have never done such a thing.

If you have read this thinking, “No one in my friendship group has these characteristics”, well then, I’m sorry to tell you, but you are the Miss Nicholson of the group.

However, on the upside, fit boys who are 3 years older are probably filling your inboxes.

By Kirtsy McCulloch

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