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And When Scooby-Doo Lifted The Murderer's Mask, It Was White Supremacy All Along

Scooby-Doo and his gang had finally intercepted the murderer, who had his knee pressed into George Floyd's neck for 8 minutes longer than it ever should have. The monster had his hands in his pockets; an act of nauseating indifference. The image that the gang saw in front of them was one of nonchalance in the face of death. And when they lifted the mask off of the murderer, they saw that the monster underneath had a face disfigured by flagrant disregard for human life, warped into an ugly contour of white supremacy.

"But how could this be?", implored Velma, "This doesn't make sense! How could a white supremacist have infiltrated his way into the American police force?"

"There's no infiltration, silly!" replied Scooby, "The Federal Political system is an institution designed by and for White people, which leaves Black people powerless at the hands of the state and subject to state violence, with little political representation in a faux-democracy that works against them. Do you think this is an isolated incident, Velma? Nothing happens in a vacuum. Haven't you been paying attention?"

"You have to open your eyes," continued Scooby, "the Black Lives Matter movement is cohering around mass-incarceration and racialized policing, which are unambiguous symbols of a post-segregation apartheid that are exposing the white supremacy that underpins the very framework of American and British society. Don't forget that the British are the original colonisers."

"But don't all lives matter?", asked Velma.

"How can all lives matter when Black lives don't?", replied Scooby.

"Does this happen often?", asked Velma, with an air of shock that implied a disturbing ignorance.

"All the time", sighed Scooby.

"Why does no one do anything about it!", cried Velma.

"People try. The BLM movement protests for fundamental change, but it hard to push against a system steeped in institutional racism that aims to keep you down. The President, after all, is the most virulent white supremacist of them all! How can you fight against an establishment that denies the importance of your very existence."

"What can I do?", asked Velma

"You can donate to these funds", replied Scooby. - Black Lives Matter - George Floyd Memorial Fund - Thread for Bail Funds - National Police Accountability Project - Campaign Zero - Justice For Floyd Petition

In Memory of George Floyd, and everyone else.

By Sophie Peachey

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