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6 Quarantine Games To Play With Your Family As A Last Resort


A game which shows a direct correlation between an expensive house and levels of fun. If being stuck in the same building as your family isn’t enough, then confine yourself to an even smaller space and let the fun begin. Just beware of the picking spots in the vicinity of scrunched up tissues, which have been piling up since the start of quarantine.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

An easy concept – create a story where each sentence alternates starting with fortunately and unfortunately. Fortunately, the family is all together and can grow closer than ever. Unfortunately, some gimp keeps suggesting shit games like this.

Coronavirus Live Counter Drinking Game

Gather the family around for an exciting game that not only gets you drunk, but keeps you up to date with the latest statistics. One drink for a new case, two for a recovery, and three for a death (can be flipped for the less morbid out there). Mind you, it’s probably best to check up on Gran each time so you don’t accidentally toast her passing.

Spin the Bottle

A classic game made more thrilling by playing with your closest and dearest. Do you prefer to break the bounds of your sexuality or cross the line with a family member that cannot be uncrossed? This will be more nerve racking than when you first played this as a pre-teen (bonus if anyone in your family is in fact a pre-teen playing for the first time). Pucker up.

Strip Poker

You’re 1 v 1 with your parent, who is on their last garment. You have the winning cards. Surely you throw the hand to protect them from the humiliation of exposing themselves to the whole family? But that’s not how you operate. The win is too important. Use this game to really test how far you’re willing to go to be crowned the champ of games in your household.


The less said about this the better. After 7 hours you’ll call your mum a cunt and flip the table. Only played by those who don’t care about irreparably damaging their relationships.

By Rickety Cricket

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